Ethan M.

Joe absolutely blew my expectations out of the water! I’m so thankful for his guidance as my run coach. I started off as a recreational runner wanting to run a half marathon. Barely have ever ran 4 miles more than a couple times (with my best pace being 10’ per mile). Joe empowered me to crush my goals that I set! I ended up running my half marathon at an 8’44” pace which destroyed what I thought was possible for myself in that period of time. If you want an elite performance coach / physical therapist who truly cares for you as a human, Joe Rinaldi is your guy!!

Lorena P.

I found Joe on Instagram just looking for inspiration as I apply to DPT programs and I found so much more! After learning about his programming, I messaged him and it was the best choice. He is always super motivating, kind and willing to listen. He is also very flexible. Wether you want to avoid the gym or not, he’s got great plans that fit your needs. I plan to return to him after I recover from an injury. Thank you for all of your help Joe!!

Karina M.

Working with Joe has been one of the best decisions that I could make for myself. Not only I was able to better my relationship with working out and food but Joe also provided support when I really needed it. He’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Joe is highly empathetic and truly loves helping people and it’s very obvious. If you’re looking for a coach that cares and will be there through your journey, Joe’s your guy!

Krysta H.

I reached out to Joe a few months ago after feeling like I was in a rut with my resistance training programming — gym closures due to COVID threw me off my regular strength training routine and I needed a push to get back into it. Joe gave me a really STRAIGHT FORWARD, but challenging program that gave me the push I needed to start feeling like myself again and recreate routine. If you want something that isn’t cookie cutter, easy to follow, and more importantly easy to track your progress and feel ACCOMPLISHED, Joe is your guy! As a really knowledgeable physical therapist, I also highly recommend him to anyone who is concerned about injury prevention, rehab, or overtraining. He’s got you–as a trainer myself, I highly stand behind his work and his attitude. Check out his newsletter and social media content for a mental workout, too.

Evan W.

Where do I begin… Dr. Joe has added a great amount of value to my life over the past few months. We started working together in December 2020, as my performance coach. I provided him with a brief amount of background knowledge regarding my goals and aspirations, he took those and created a workout plan for me to follow over the course of a few months. He held me accountable, challenged me weekly (heck even daily). I learned a great amount of Dr. Joe and not only did he help me improve my physical ability in the weight room but also in my everyday life impacting those around me. Outside of the performance aspect of our relationship, Dr. Joe also has a weekly newsletter and podcast with Coach Sam Tooley that I have found increasingly important to keeping me focused and grounded. I’d recommend Dr. Joe to anybody!

Steph C.

It’s rare and refreshing when you find someone who genuinely cares about others and only wants the best for them. When working with Joe, you get that and more. I have been in need of guidance and direction both personally and professionally and found Joe at just the right time. Since working with him, my mindset and overall outlook on life has greatly improved and I have developed confidence in my own abilities. I have also started my own business that is more in line with my passion! His journals allow me to set a daily intention which helps me get things done and his newsletter offers enough inspiration to last a lifetime. Joe offers value in so many aspects of my life and I feel lucky to have met him and grateful that I have gained him as a friend. Everyone needs a Cup of Joe!!

Steph E.

There’s no review I can write that can sufficiently describe how incredible Joe has been in helping me reach my fitness goals the past few months. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he cares more than any coach I’ve ever had. He does more than help you reach fitness goals– he helps you reach life goals. He helped me with endurance, strength training, and my overall mindset through online platforms I know he spent a very generous amount of time working on. But what stands out to me the most is how down-to-earth and truly compassionate he is. He checks in on me often just to make sure I’m doing well and he adapts to anything thrown his way. I’m prone to injuries and he’s helped me deal with any aches/pain I may have which has been huge for me. Overall, I can’t recommend Joe enough!!

Andy N.

My man Joe’s mindset program came to me at a crucial time in my life. I am someone that does not experience anxiety or sadness often, or really ever before this. When COVID threatened to dismantle everyone’s plans including mine, I experienced a very real acute anxiety and sadness. I was supposed to get married, I was supposed to continue with school and graduate the following year. Joe’s Mindset Program was something I could ground myself to. Joe was there and texted me everyday. Let me say that again, he texted me every day. Just having someone there checking up on me and it wasn’t too long before I felt like my normal self again. Joe helped me work towards my goals and stay focused. If you even remotely feel like having a coach would help you, Joe Rinaldi is your guy.

Justin M.

I began to work with Joe at the beginning of 2020. I had never sought out a coaching service before, but I can tell you that Joe is truly invested in getting to know you, his potential client, in a holistic manner to better serve, challenge, and motivate you to reach your goals. Better yet, he works to find, not “his way,” BUT the way that works best for YOU. I can vouch that my weekly workouts were always unique, intentional, and challenging! Each week, Joe would include lifts and exercises with weight and intensity that would challenge me, but also respect and cater to my ever-changing weekly demands. He would always follow up with a weekly check-in to see how I was doing, discuss any problems, questions or concerns as well as provide me with any insight, motivation or encouragement he felt that I could benefit from. All of this is to say, whether you are someone who is seeking physical therapy, coaching, mindset guidance, or a one-on-one health service consultation, Joe is truly an amazing clinician, coach, and resource. The best part? You won’t just be gaining his services, but a caring and compassionate friend who will always look out for your best interest. Joe will make sure you leave every interaction knowing full well you have the ability to achieve whatever you set your mind to and do so on your terms! So, if you are looking for a guy… I know one, and his name is Joe!

Maddie E.

I started working with Joe with the goal of improving my running speed and endurance, my strength, and my consistency with waking up earlier. I have always dreaded running, as my background is in swimming and water polo. From our first conversation, Joe was intentional, energetic, and positive, and I knew we would be a great match! Joe would consistently check in on me to see how training was going and ask if we needed to make adjustments. The programming he provided me was excellent, and I have noticed a significant improvement in my strength, endurance and confidence. I’m even starting to ENJOY running now!! Beyond these huge personal improvements, I was given an incredible example of leadership, relentless positivity, encouragement, and understanding, which I look forward to taking with me as I start my new career in the military. Thank you so much for all of your time and effort to coach me to my goals Joe! It was an absolute pleasure learning from you, and I will ALWAYS know where to turn in the future!