Josh W.

Working with Joe has been an incredible experience. He is one of the most down to earth people I know and goes all in for his clients. Over the past year of working with him I reignited my passion for training and he helped me achieve the major milestone of my first marathon. I would recommend anyone work with Joe that needs the guidance and accountability of a top tier coach!

Isaiah T.

Coach Rinaldi is amazing coach! For those who are beginners and wanting to begin your fitness journey, Coach Rinaldi is the man! Great workouts, planning, and fantastic communication. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to begin their fitness journey! He meets you at your level and works to build you up to higher levels! Overall, highly recommend!

Zack K.

First time ever working with a coach since college athletics. Took a chance & Joe is amazing to work with! I have a busy work life & his programming and scheduling is seamless to follow. Joe, was able to hold me accountable, push me to new heights, and truly care about my progress in fitness & personal life. He brings in a great perspective on life and his energy is contagious! Highly recommended if you are looking to work with a coach 🙌🏻

Matt G.

Joe is an absolutely incredible person and coach. He gives his all to all things. From our first meeting, I knew I had made the right decision to work with Joe. He balances holding people accountable and walking through life with people better than anyone I’ve ever met. I couldn’t recommend Joe more. Work with him and you will improve.

Nikita P.

Joe has been a mentor/friend/support system since I started my journey on self-reflection and taking myself to another level- personally as well as professionally. He has helped me crack a tough entrance exam, guided me during my move from the west to east coast, gain personal finance education to name a few aspects of our journey so far. Joe does not believe in quick or easy fixes but patiently waits for you to get on the reformed version of things. The best part about choosing him as your coach will be that Joe is challenging, observant, a great communicator, honest and a great listener. You will not regret having Joe on your side for your health, spiritual, professional or life goals. If you are waiting to invest in yourself, you have found the right page.

Evy C.

Joe is truly the most genuine, reliable, and inspiring coaches I have ever worked with. He’s amazing at developing plans to fit your specific goals and then pushing you to achieve them. He is also generally just one of the kindest, most positive people I have ever met. Working with him has completely transformed my relationship with nutrition and fitness and I cannot imagine achieving the lifestyle I have today without his guidance. I could go on and on—I cannot recommend him enough. Forever grateful to have found such an incredible mentor in Joe!!!

Jordan Q.

I have spent a LOT of time in the personal development and physical fitness worlds. As a competitive jiu jitsu practitioner and a former competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer, as well as a chronic “seeker”, I’ve been exposed to the full gamut of professionals in both of these spaces.

Joe is, bar none, the best I’ve ever worked with in either capacity. He adapted his coaching style PERFECTLY to my unique struggles, and I was able to make substantial progress towards creating more meaning in my life as a result of our time together. Most importantly, though, Joe has a unique propensity for creating a space in which you can share anything, judgement free. I’ve spent my entire life feeling challenged by the male relationships in my life because of that fear of judgement, and Joe made me feel accepted and safe. Which has substantially improved my relationships since working with him.

All and all, I can’t recommend working with him highly enough. He’s gifted at what he does, and an absolute joy of a human.


Joe at his core is simply an incredible human being who leads with his heart and embodies the principles of what a true leader is. I’ve had the privilege of working with Joe the past 6 months on business/mindset coaching and it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve been through.

Joe’s ability to listen intently is truly commendable and rare. He not only hears the words that are being spoken but has the innate ability to grasp the nuances and sentiments behind them to respond intuitively with the right question to guide you into a deeper level of understanding on the topic at hand no matter what it may be. I would recommend anyone at any age to work with Joe, he’s an extremely gifted, hard working coach that will meet you right where you are and take you where you need to be.

Craig S.

I can’t express enough how good of a person and coach Joe is. Not only did he help me build my brand with strategy and expertise, but he also became a friend. When there were weeks where I was struggling to get out content or just dealing with mental health stuff, Joe was always there. He was happy to talk about what I was going through when that was not what he signed up for and it made a huge difference in my life. If you’re debating using Joe, do it. You will receive much more from his coaching than just fitness guidance or business coaching.

Devin M.

Absolutely transformational experience working with Joe. Can honestly say that you can tell he’s putting in effort and making time to listen to you. Was the kick I needed to get settled back into a routine.