Carl P.

Reaching out to Joe was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’m not one to leave reviews, but Joe truly was the best investment in myself that I could have ever made. I reached out originally when I was feeling stuck with where I was in my career and life. Joe has helped me plan out and execute small attainable goals while simultaneously reach towards goals I never could have imagined in such little time. He has been there for me every step of the way, and I can firmly say that he has become one of greatest friends in the process. Thank you Joe.

Diane H.

Joe is an absolutely amazing coach! He helped me with my business and I am a better human because of him. Joe has a great balance of listening, speaking from experience, and pushing forward that helped to make this experience beneficial.

Chris C.

Joe helped me get multiple businesses off the ground and continues to support me to this day! Working with him is stress-free but he still manages to challenge you on the things that matter. I love too many thing about Joe and his coaching to count, but perhaps my favorite is that he practices what he preaches. He’s one of the most organized, consistent and disciplined people I know and I can’t recommend working with him enough—it will change your life!

Dylan B.

Let me first start off by saying that Joe is one of the most incredible individuals you can possibly come across in life. I discovered Joe on instagram through the Bare Performance Nutrition content back in late 2021. I contacted him at the start of the new year in 2022 and told him about my plans to run my first marathon, and also quit my corporate job to pursue my moving business full time. Joe played a critical roll in helping me organize my thoughts and laying out weekly action items to help me move through this new path in life. Sitting here right now, approaching the end of the year, I can say I successfully ran a marathon in Oregon and also went into my business full time. I haven’t looked back since. As my 12 month coaching comes to an end with Joe, I have gained a friend, a new mindset, and pure happiness. A thank you to Joe isn’t enough. The only way I see fit by continuing to say “thank you” is continuing the great work I have started this year and built on the things I learned this year while working and watching Joe. I’ll continue to always look at Joe as the shining star and someone I can always look up to. If you need any type of coaching dealing with fitness, nutrition, prepping for an event, or building your business, JOE IS YOUR PERSON! Let him help change and impact your life like he did to mine. 🙂

Christina P.

Easiest 5 stars I’ve ever given! I worked with Joe for 6 months and am grateful for every second of it. I’ve had coaches before but none have ever been as supportive, understanding, and committed as Joe. I’d recommend him to any and everyone who wants to better themselves. No doubt in my mind he can help get you to where you want to be, and help make you a better person along the way. I’ll always be grateful for my time with Joe and plan to work with him again ASAP!

Adam C.

Joe is an extremely organized and encouraging person with a vast set of tools to help one succeed. I highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their performance in the gym, in business and in life.

Kelsi W.

Joe is a natural born coach and leader! It’s easy to get caught up in the short term daily tasks, but Joe helped me look at the bigger picture and create a sense of clarity for my long term vision. Whether you’re looking to elevate your fitness, business, family, or life in general, I highly recommend working with Joe to expedite the process in creating the best version of yourself!

Oliver M.

I’ve worked with Joe for a few months, and it has been incredible how much we have accomplished together! Joe was my first business coach, and I was unsure what to expect going into it. But after just one session, I could tell Joe genuinely cared. Joe is everything and more that you could want in a coach!

Daniel S.

Joe is a phenomenal coach. He prioritizes being a friend over being a coach and brings his physical therapist expertise with him in all of his programming. I worked with Joe for a year and look forward to the opportunity of working with him again in the future. Joe helped me crush multiple goals across multiple disciplines, both running distance, speed, and strength. He is a coach that wants to learn with you, so your skill and strength expands alongside his ability as a coach. I started working with Joe because I wanted to transition my running into barefoot running. Even though Joe had never done something like this we worked together to learn my limits and build my strength and within 6 months I was able to run a marathon in barefoot shoes. Joe lives and breaths his coaching and goes over and above for each of his clients. If you get the opportunity to work with Joe; jump on it, FAST.

Levi A.

Wow…there are so many words to describe my experience with Joe as my coach. He is simply a class act. I loved working with him. He helped me be MUCH more consistent with training and nutrition. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve in any area of their life! Seriously. He’s the real deal.