Troy T.

I’ve always wanted to run a marathon and have had phases of training but I never actually ended up doing one… until now! I signed up with Joe 5 months ago with the intent of running a marathon and he got me more than ready! Joe is not only and amazing coach but is also super responsive and really cares about his clients. Definitely would recommend!!

Connor B.

I had the pleasure of working with Joe in 2021. I can honestly say it was incredibly worthwhile having him in my corner. With his programming and guidance I saw significant increases in my strength and fitness. He went out of his way to be available for me and offered creative solutions to keep me motivated, accountable, and on track. I highly recommend his services to people of all fitness levels.

Jess G.

I am so thankful that I decided to reach out to Joe for his coaching services earlier this year. Joe, not only provided me with guidance, mentoring, accountability and knowledge, but also gave me an abundance of confidence to step out of my comfort zone. Our weekly calls were inspiring and truly a highlight of my week. Joe is incredibly personal, kind, and most importantly for me, very patient! And as a fellow physical therapist, I give Joe nothing but accolades for what he has accomplished and what he can provide to anyone who reaches out to him for services! Thank you!

Emma C.

As soon as I began mindset coaching with Joe I realized that I had found someone who would encourage me, challenge me, and walk beside me on the journey to become a better human with more mental fortitude than I ever though possible. Joe’s coaching is one of the best investments I have ever made and for anyone seeking guidance, Joe is an incredible person and coach who knows what he is doing.

Gunnar E.

To put it simply, Joe Rinaldi is excellent. I worked with Joe for several months and he was always responsive and considerate. I had to take a break on my training with him twice due to my obligations with the Army and Joe treated me utmost respect. He was very flexible and able to work with every situation from the very beginning to the very end. I would recommend Joe Rinaldi to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life.

Jordyn G.

Joe is one of the best in the industry. He gives real and honest advice, he is always there when you have questions and answers them very quickly. I used Joe for coaching during one of the busiest times of my life, and he helped me stay consistent with my goals and helped me work around my schedule to be successful. He is very knowledgable in what he does, and I would and will recommend him to anyone looking for coaching!

Sophie N.

Working with Joe has been incredible!!! Having Joe as my coach helped me to stay much more accountable to my workout plan for strength and especially running as I pursue a goal of running a half marathon in every state. He is a genuine, smart, and relatable human who was always flexible when scheduling our coaching calls (always was much appreciated with my crazy schedule!) He was always there for me when I had questions and believed in me every step of the way!

Dylan T.

I first heard about Joe through a close colleague of mine and I followed his content on Instagram about a year before I signed on for coaching. For me, Joe was the perfect match with his life values and philosophies, his weekly newsletter gave me some good nuggets to think about for the week ahead and his coaching is superb. He helped me become stronger and helped me train for a marathon. I recommend Joe Rinaldi Coaching to any person no matter what their goal is, fitness related or not, you will not regret working with him!

Billy G.

Joe is not only a phenomenal, insightful, and dedicated coach. He sets the example for his clients to follow. I learned more from Joe in the 8 months we worked together than I have with any other fitness program/coach. He helped me in my path to a marathon and ultra marathon. I have recommended him to many friends and will continue to do so!

Corey S.

Joe has been a fantastic coach these past 3.5 months. He has gotten me into a consistent routine, showed me new exercises and kept me motivated along the way. I started off with Joe because of some foot issues and he gave me stretches with explanatory videos that really pin-pointed those muscles. I can visibly see results having occurred in the last few months. The added weekly Zoom to go over progress and discuss any changes needed for the program was a valuable addition and, even though sometimes I would not have much to report back, Joe was always an easy and funny guy to chat with. One of the most useful tools about Joe is his knowledge of the different muscle groups and how they work together. Whenever I would feel any strain or discomfort in any muscle in my body, Joe would be extremely responsive and helpful at putting together a list of stretches and a detailed explanation about how long / how many reps to hold / to do each stretch. I would highly recommend Joe for anyone seeking to improve their physical and mental health and get them into a consistent routine.