Simply put: First class experience. The consistency with which Joe handles his coaching clients is what sticks out to me the most. You cannot fake passion, and you cannot fake authenticity. Joe brings both of those traits to his coaching clients (in spades) week in and week out, and you can feel that through his voice, his texts, and his incredibly well-organized and thoughtful emails each week.If you are a person who needs to make major adjustments? Hire Joe. If you are a person who thinks they are operating at a high level, but wants to understand where/how there is room for improvement, or where to drive improvements across the various buckets of your life, hire Joe. I found our weekly conversations to be super energizing and stimulating. We rarely talked about the same thing twice, there was major range to the topics we covered inside of self-growth/development, juggling work & personal life, fitness programming, and better defining what personal brand meant to me.I think what matters to me most, and perhaps the best testimony I can give to Joe and his service, lies in the fact that coming out of a productive 6-month 1:1 coaching program, I consider Joe WAY MORE of a close personal friend, than a coach.