Steph A.

Perhaps the best thing about Joe’s writing and content, and about Joe himself, is that his message is SO clear and SO genuine. It applies to and is meaningful for all audiences, regardless of type. When you read Joe’s words, you feel as though is he speaking directly to you and that he cares deeply for you- and you would be correct! You don’t come across many Joe Rinaldi’s in  your life, and becoming a regular reader of his WILL change your life for the better.

Dalton L.

I had the privilege of meeting Joe about 3 years ago through social media. I knew instantly Joe was a special person and someone I aligned with. Joe has what I like to call the “it factor”. He has this drive inside of him that can’t be put into words. His care for other people radiates through his spoken word, writing and actions. It’s clear that Joe is truly working for something bigger than himself. Flash forward to present time and Joe continues to impact me daily. I have been working with Joe the last 10 weeks on his Mindset Program and It has helped me tremendously. Not only is the program great but the attention Joe gives me daily is like none other. I receive a text from Joe every morning with words of encouragement and challenge to make sure my day is on track. The improvements I continue to make each day as a person is a direct correlation to the work Joe and I are doing. If you are stuck, need more guidance, or just looking to become a better version of yourself. Joe is your guy. If you are looking for a top notch Physio who is going to listen and empower you to be better. Joe is also your guy. I am eternally grateful for Joe as a person, friend, and healthcare professional.