This short blog is about one of the more challenging lessons that I’ve been learning and I hope it helps you!


In order to grow, we need to let go.

The entrepreneurship experience has helped me realize that more does not equal better and that often times we need to let go in order to grow. That could mean letting go of people that no longer support us, strategies that no longer serve us, endeavors that no longer align with who we’re becoming, etc.. This process is hard because loosening our grip leads to a perceived loss of control and letting go means losing part of who we once were. Just like our bodies are in an endless cycle of simultaneous breaking down and building up, we too must embrace that change is the only constant. Growth is often uncomfortable yet then again, so is staying the same. I’ll end this one with a question before the usual quote.

To become who you’re mean to be, what do you need to let go?


In a world that tells us that more is better, I’m coming around to the idea that less is more.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life waiting for us.”

Joseph Campbell

Let’s grow together.

Joe Rinaldi

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