Last month I turned 29 this short blog is about a thought that I just couldn’t shake…


Uncovering The Core

Upon reflection I’ve come to the conclusion that too often we (human beings) look to “find” ourselves in the outside world at the expense of uncovering who we’ve always been, inside at our core. For me, each year is a chance to uncover more of who I’m meant to be – to peel back another layer and get closer to who I’ve always been. It’s a challenging process in part because it requires us to trust ourselves and have faith that the struggles, setbacks and adversities present opportunities to dig, expose and realize what’s meant to be.


I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but you don’t need to wait for a milestone to start peeling back another layer. Go do hard things, ask hard questions and look discomfort in the face – potential often lives on the other side of pain.

“In the darkest part of the earth are hidden treasures; so in every man can be found valuable gifts, if only we dig deeper and overlook the dust.”

Bernard Kelvin Clive

Go uncover who you’re meant to be.

Joe Rinaldi

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  1. Agreed, Joe. I recently saw a quote by Jamie Alexander that said “you had a purpose before they had an opinion”. We already have everything we need to be the truest us. In fact, most times, I find I need less in order to be me. Less materials. Less opinions. Less “next big thing’s”. Who are we underneath all that? It might not be as shiny, but it’s a million times more brilliant.

    Happy belated birthday!!!

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