This blog is going to be a short one because there’s no need to overcomplicate things that work. While success is subjective (it looks different for everyone), there are certain things that can make success more probable across the board. You’ll notice that these items below are all centered around impacting other people and that’s not a coincidence. I hope that the concepts below are valuable to you and if you have any thoughts on the subject, feel free to send them to me!


Be Authentic

The best version of who we can be requires us to be who we are (authentic). Living life based on what others feel that you should do will stop you from doing what only you could do. To tap into full potential we need to get clear on who we want to be and be bold in pursuing that person. On top of that, people are attracted to honest, genuine and real people because there’s something appealing (and relatable) about people who are themselves – be who only you can be.

Be Interested

This one comes from the first book that made me think about these things; be more interested than interesting. People love to talk about themselves and if you can be interested in others (in a genuine way), you will make a positive difference in the world while also making friends with each conversation. In addition, it’s helpful to realize that every single person is a book that you haven’t read and a movie that you haven’t seen – ask questions and care about the answers.

Be Persistent

The quickest (and maybe only) path to actual failure is quitting; everything else is a chance to learn and grow. I’ve written about this before, but too many people quit on things too soon – most people quit when the lag time between effort and desired outcome outweighs their willingness to wait. Part of being successful requires a sustainable pace where consistent effort can compound in a similar direction over a long period of time even when things are hard – great things take time.

Be Encouraging

This world is full of darkness and that’s the truth. However, that provides endless opportunities to be a light for those around us, both in action and in word. It’s been said that no one has ever suffered from too much encouragement, so don’t hold back – lift people up whenever you have the chance because it might be the only one you get. If we can make sure that those around us are encouraged, we too will find encouragement which allows for endurance (see the point above: persistence).

Be On Time

There’s something to be said for being punctual and being a good communicator. Our time is our most valuable resource and if we can respect other people’s time, we can earn other people’s trust – it might be as simple as that. Delivering work (or communication) when it’s expected presents an element of consistency and other people find that comforting – people trust consistent people.


To me, success is being the best version of who I can be while lifting others up in all that I do. While the list above is not exhaustive, I do believe that the concepts are applicable to everyone when it comes to pursing potential and striving for success. To anyone feeling overwhelmed at the thought of saying and doing the “right things,” or being “perfect.” soak in these wise words below…

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

Make the world a better place.

Joe Rinaldi

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