The Ball Gets Snapped

I've been reflecting on one lesson in particular that the game football has ingrained in me - it's a simple message that more people could use and that's why I'm writing this blog. No matter what happened the previous play, the ball still gets snapped (because it's not about you).

Be The Sculptor

This blog is a different take on the discomfort that comes with growth. If nothing else, read more for one of the best quotes you'll ever come across and a challenge to chisel.

Intentions & Temptations

It's for those of us who are brave enough to admit that our actions don't always match our intentions. This blog is for the people who are done making excuses and avoiding the discomfort that comes with change.

Fix (Your) Broken Windows

This blog is about a crime concept that applies to all human behavior in a surprising way. Read more to learn about why you should fix the broken windows in your life.

Who Cares?

Through hundreds of hours of mindset coaching, the most common obstacle was the fear of what other people think. This blog is for anyone out there who cares too much about what the outside world thinks of them (most of us).