It was one year ago from yesterday that I decided to quit my full time job and pursue ownership of my time, of my energy and of my life. Leaving a stable job in the middle of a pandemic with no real plan was challenge (to say the least), but I can now say with full confidence that it was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made and this blog will explain why (as well as where I’m headed). I hope that you enjoy!


One year ago, standing on the cusp of a big change, I wrote these words:

In the humblest tone possible, I know that I can have an incredible impact on the world and I don’t ever want to look back and feel regret over what could have been. I feel, now more than ever, pulled to take action toward a vision that I can feel deep inside of me.... I don’t know exactly what life looks like down the road, but I do know what it feels like and I’m going to be chasing that feeling with structure and intention. I’ll be seeking guidance, making mistakes, learning, growing and getting better with each step along the way. I don’t know where the final destination is, but I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t exist. For me, this decision is about embracing an uncomfortable process where I can learn more about myself so that I can better serve others. Everything that I do, this move included, is about pursuing the best version of myself for the people who have come before me and everyone who comes after me. I know that what I do today will change who I become tomorrow and that person will impact people. I’m taking this jump not only for me but for everyone who I’ll ever know.

Within weeks of "taking the leap," I had so much space to think that I began to question everything. I would wake up most mornings with my heart racing and I would spend most days attempting to shake the anxiousness that seemed to follow me around. Once I got my bearings, things began to click and I started learning lessons.  I made things official with an LLC and created Project Endure which at the time was just an idea without too much direction.  Things started to pick up with coaching and before I knew it, I was making more money and enjoying more freedom than ever before. I was able to use my time to deepen connections and I've partnered with two incredible brands that I believe in (BPN and Lululemon). I started another podcast to share stories of people finding strength in struggle and found myself feeling inspired with each conversation. With each step, I got more clear and my vision has sharpened so much. This past weekend, Project Endure held it's first ever in-person event in Philadelphia and I'm still processing the many emotions that are flooding my system (overwhelming gratitude is a big one). The remainder of this blog will focus on what's been on my mind since the event as those thoughts will shape the direction for this coming year. 

“The only time you should look down at someone is when you are helping them up.” – Jesse Jackson

Building an online (and now in-person) community (Hard Things Club) has been challenging for reasons that you might expect and it’s also been incredibly rewarding. Bringing people together in person to celebrate Project Endure, connect with each other, have vulnerable conversations and do hard things was the perfect culmination of year number one. Here are some of the things that I’ll be thinking about as I head into year number two.

  • You don’t need to have it all figured out; trust that each step will reveal the next.
  • Perspective is everything and there is no strength without struggle. There are two kinds of hard: the kind we choose and the kind that chooses us and both can lead to growth (if we choose it).
  • Being consistent is more important than most things and there is no effort without error and shortcoming (shoutout Teddy). Great things take time and we must fight to keep disappointments from becoming discouragement. Keep your hope high and control only the things that you can.
  • You never know what someone else is going through and every single interaction (no matter how small) is a chance to change a life. How you treat other people says a lot about who you are as a person.
  • The work that gets done in private is just as (if not more) important as the work that others see. While it means something different to everyone, to me endurance with direction is resilience.
  • There is immense power in connection and we can’t do anything meaningful and sustainable alone. We’re always one person away from a completely different life and every friend was once a stranger.
  • No matter what we’re going through, we’re never alone in our struggles and that we’re stronger together. Being vulnerable is a beautiful display of strength that has the power to change us and everyone around us.

To wrap things up, I want to ask you a favor – if you believe in the mission of Project Endure, please consider supporting us by joining the Hard Things Club (free), listening to our podcast (free), following us on social media (free) and/or purchasing something from our online store – it all means so much and helps us get messages like this out to more people like you.


My heart is so full as I write these words and “excited” for the year to come doesn’t even capture how I’m feeling. With that being said, let me end with the quote that I shared at the Project Endure event; it’s been running through my mind more than anything else and I hope it resonates with you…

“Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.”

Alexis Carrel

Keep chiseling.

Joe Rinaldi

IG: @joearinaldi

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