Words can change world and stories can change lives.

Joe is an inspirational speaker who blends his unique life experiences to deliver powerful messages to people around the world. He holds a doctorate degree, he escaped death, he got married during the pandemic and oh yea… he’s grateful to be going blind. If you’re looking for a powerful way to inspire, encourage and empower a group of people, look no further.


Planted, Not Buried

How anyone can find strength in struggle and handle hardship well.

While it comes in all different shapes and sizes, we all have our own struggles – life is hard and adversity finds us all. This talk centers around Joe’s loss of sight and the positive perspective that he’s developed over time (learn more here).

“What I’ve lost in sight, I’ve gained in vision.”

How Will Audience Be Impacted?

  • Feel inspired to persist through hardship
  • Be able to develop a deep driving force for action
  • Understand what is in their control and what is not


Like It’s On Film

How to navigate life after sport with lessons from the football field.

The transition from formal sport to the rest of life can be challenging as identities transition. This talk centers on Joe’s experience playing high school and collegiate football and how it continues to inform who he is and how he lives (learn more here).

“Leave everything out on the field and play every game like it’s your last game because someday it will be.”

How Will The Audience Be Impacted?

  • Be encouraged to know they’re not alone
  • Feel prepared for their transition out of sport
  • Be empowered to shape their identities


Every Single Person

How healthcare professionals can change lives in the gray area.

Helping people in an uncertain world without all of the answers can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be complicated. This talk is about how healthcare professionals can create consistent impact through presence, compassion and integrity (learn more here).

“Remember that the important things – how we care for other people, how we love other people and our intentions to leave the world just a little bit better than we found it – can’t always be quantified.”

How Will The Audience Be Impacted?

  • Feel empowered to navigate gray space
  • Be inspired to be present in patient interactions
  • Realize the real impact that genuine compassion can have


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Joe came to our school to convey his testimony at a time when our students were in desperate need of a recharge. Joe’s authentic story and paradigm, unified by the themes of adversity, perspective, gratitude, and faith, had our students riveted and engaged. It was humbling to see how easily Joe could connect and make his story tangible and relevant to diverse students through an interactive question and answer session. Furthermore, his no-frills approach makes his message appropriate to any venue or audience. Several weeks later, the students still incorporate elements of Joe’s presentation into open-ended, critical-thinking discussions. 

Ryan Wleklinski, Holy Cross School (Philadelphia, PA)


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