After following Joe for a good part of a year, I decided I needed more assistance to reach my goals. I reached out to Joe to be my coach to accompany me on my journey towards better living physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through his mindset coaching program. I came into our time together with ambitious goals and was expecting rapid results. This was not the case due to my lack of commitment but Joe’s commitment in me to focus on the 24 hours ahead of me each day was empowering. Joe has a unique gift to connect with so many individuals and prioritize each client to maximize their potential. Over my 4 months with Joe, he installed a confidence within me to pursue endeavors that I did not believe were possible to me. Joe unlocks a passion within his clients to continually elevate their standards by constantly pursuing the best version of their selves, daily. I am forever grateful for Joe and is love for his work. His faithfulness, love, and compassion are just a few of his amazing qualities that empower him to elevate his clients to do more!