I have spent a LOT of time in the personal development and physical fitness worlds. As a competitive jiu jitsu practitioner and a former competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer, as well as a chronic “seeker”, I’ve been exposed to the full gamut of professionals in both of these spaces.

Joe is, bar none, the best I’ve ever worked with in either capacity. He adapted his coaching style PERFECTLY to my unique struggles, and I was able to make substantial progress towards creating more meaning in my life as a result of our time together. Most importantly, though, Joe has a unique propensity for creating a space in which you can share anything, judgement free. I’ve spent my entire life feeling challenged by the male relationships in my life because of that fear of judgement, and Joe made me feel accepted and safe. Which has substantially improved my relationships since working with him.

All and all, I can’t recommend working with him highly enough. He’s gifted at what he does, and an absolute joy of a human.