Let me first start off by saying that Joe is one of the most incredible individuals you can possibly come across in life. I discovered Joe on instagram through the Bare Performance Nutrition content back in late 2021. I contacted him at the start of the new year in 2022 and told him about my plans to run my first marathon, and also quit my corporate job to pursue my moving business full time. Joe played a critical roll in helping me organize my thoughts and laying out weekly action items to help me move through this new path in life. Sitting here right now, approaching the end of the year, I can say I successfully ran a marathon in Oregon and also went into my business full time. I haven’t looked back since. As my 12 month coaching comes to an end with Joe, I have gained a friend, a new mindset, and pure happiness. A thank you to Joe isn’t enough. The only way I see fit by continuing to say “thank you” is continuing the great work I have started this year and built on the things I learned this year while working and watching Joe. I’ll continue to always look at Joe as the shining star and someone I can always look up to. If you need any type of coaching dealing with fitness, nutrition, prepping for an event, or building your business, JOE IS YOUR PERSON! Let him help change and impact your life like he did to mine. 🙂