Joe has been a fantastic coach these past 3.5 months. He has gotten me into a consistent routine, showed me new exercises and kept me motivated along the way. I started off with Joe because of some foot issues and he gave me stretches with explanatory videos that really pin-pointed those muscles. I can visibly see results having occurred in the last few months. The added weekly Zoom to go over progress and discuss any changes needed for the program was a valuable addition and, even though sometimes I would not have much to report back, Joe was always an easy and funny guy to chat with. One of the most useful tools about Joe is his knowledge of the different muscle groups and how they work together. Whenever I would feel any strain or discomfort in any muscle in my body, Joe would be extremely responsive and helpful at putting together a list of stretches and a detailed explanation about how long / how many reps to hold / to do each stretch. I would highly recommend Joe for anyone seeking to improve their physical and mental health and get them into a consistent routine.