With a unique mix of experience as an athlete, performance coach and physical therapist, I strive to meet people where they are so that I can guide them to where they want to be.

Monthly Programming

I consider all relevant information (e.g. goals, available equipment, previous experience, injuries, time constraints, etc.) to create a personalized endurance program each month that is tailored to meet your needs.

Weekly Updates

The programming is updated at the end of each week to adjust for a variety of factors (e.g. schedule changes, previous performance, injuries, preferences, etc.) and to optimize performance.

Daily Check-Ins

I will check in with you each day via text message (or email) for accountability, last minute adjustments and guidance on request.

24/7 Access

I will be available to you 24/7 (within reason) to answer questions, address concerns or provide assistance with program execution.

Ready to get to work?